Tiziano Mirabella is an Italian multidisciplinary artist/designer, who loves to play with lights and to deform the perception of reality through Motion Graphics.
With background in visual arts and architecture he started to explore light and its spectrum, initially in Rome and afterwards in Berlin. Having gained work experience in and additional inspiration from events and festivals he undertook the challenge to create lights for clubs in the German capital as well as for festivals around Europe.

Allured by projection-mapping and the atmosphere that it can create combined with light, he decided to bring new magical places into life by exploring the strong relationship between them. Shadows, smoke and darkness are components of this exploration and dance along with the light and the audience, resulting in an atmospheric cosmic unity.

With the use of new technologies and with some talented people he collaborated with along the way, Tiziano experiments with all those components. Being able to work on a multidimensional level, he breathes life into his virtual 3d designs to bring them in to the physical world.


2019 : The No Name restaurant, Berlin, Germany

2019 : Schloss Schochwitz, Salzatal, Germany

2019 : Bank N26 Party, Berlin, Germany

2019 : Carbonate Party, Boiler Room, Berlin, Germany

2019 : Paris x Berlin |10 Jahre ARTE Concert, Berlin, Germany

2019 : 3000 Grad Festival, Wustrow, Germany

2019 : Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

2019 : Feel Festival, Finsterwalde, Germany

2019 : Birgit und Bier Club, Berlin, Germany

2019 : Enna Le “Instagram”, Berlin, Germany


2018 : Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt, Berlin, Germany

2018 : Bank N26 Party, Berlin, Germany

2018 : Skalar (WhiteVoid) – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art, Berlin, Germany

2018 : Mercato delle Erbe “Dalle origini al futuro prossimo”, City fondation memory, Aprilia, Italy

2018 : MidSummer Berlin, Absolut Vodka @ Insel der Jugend, Berlin, Germany

2018 : 3000 Grad Festival, Wustrow, Germany

2018 : Garbicz Festival, Garbicz, Poland

2018 : Feel Festival, Finsterwalde, Germany

2018 : Home Town Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2018 : Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany

2018 : Castello Festival, Debrznica, Poland

2018 : Burg Schnabel, Berlin, Germany

2018 : Birgit und Bier Club, Berlin, Germany


2017 : New Year’s Eve Party, Mellowpark, Berlin, Germany

2017 : Interior Design, Cisall srl, Aprilia, Italy

2017 : Bad Freienwalde Festival, Brandenburg, Germany

2017 : 3000 Grad Festival, Wustrow, Germany

2017 : Melt Festival, Ferropolis, Germany

2017 : Splash Festival, Ferropolis, Germany

2017 : Animal Farm Festival, Berlin, Germany

2017 : Birgit und Bier Club, Berlin, Germany


2016 : Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt, Arena, Berlin, Germany

2016 : Lothus Club, Berlin, Germany

2016 : Interior Design – Bar Conversion (Schlumberger), Berlin, Germany

2016 : Promenaden Ecke Club, Berlin, Germany

2016 : Chalet Club, Berlin, Germany

2016 : Shoeless Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2016 : Animal Farm Festival, Berlin, Germany


2015 : Shoeless Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 : the Gathering, Berlin, Germany

2015 : Distortion Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 : Schönwetter, Berlin, Germany


2013 : Vcf club, Berlin, Germany

2013 : Datti spazio Event, Aprilia, Italy

2013 : Chalet Club, Rome, Italy


2011 : Piper Club, Rome, Italy


2008 : Alpheus Club, Rome, Italy