3000 Grad Festival ’17

3000 Grad Festival ’17

An old forgotten Robot gets activated again in
the Cosmorama Floor by techno’s enchanting spell. After his long sleep, he is finally awake and fully determined to save the world with his light-powers.

Equipped with powerful laser-weapons he longs for the elimination of any unpleasant feeling.
Sometimes he turns the moving heads in his eyes on in order to spread strong protective light over the crowd.
Some others he watches over it maintaining the blessing of the ecstatic atmosphere.
Although his rusty gears, he blissfully dances for days along with the vivid crowd until the final track, which puts him back to sleep.


Tiziano Mirabella: Mapping Design and Light Installation
Leon Herzberg : Lights Installation
Philipp M. Tholey: Light Installation
Noa Johan Thorstensson: Light Installation
Klangkost Crew: Build, Decoration, Floor Design