Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Animal Farm Festival in 2016 celebrated the year of Pig. As a sequel, Animal Farm Festival 2017 praised “The Elephant” carrying the tradition on. The latter year’s Animal of Honor was made out of wooden “bones” and white recyclable fabric as its skin.

Its size was close to the real mammal’s dimensions and his gigantic flickery eyes were gleaming out of excitement exactly as shinny disco-balls do.
During the day the Elephant was contently settled in its milky skin, reflecting the beautiful nature’s colors.
But as the darkness of the night joined the party
the Elephant’s alter ego was awaken:
Green lasers were shooting through its eyes, hazy smoke was coming out of its trunk and his white skin was blooming into dazzling and vivid video projections following the DJ’s tunes.


Tiziano Mirabella: Mapping and Floor Design
Noa Johan Thorstensson: Light Installation
Animal Farm Crew: Organize, Support
Thomas Sinneswandel: Builder
Steve Studinski: Builder
Max Eric Scheck: Builder
Mary Lu: Photos