“The Bunker” is the Techno and House floor of Birgit und Bier, a futuristic, back-from-the-apocalyptic-future, sexy floor.

Old metallic DDR lamps surround the whole room, which are composed by fully mapped LED pixel rings in an inner tube within the main lamps’tube and result in resembling atomic reactors.

Mirror Birgit is the Bunker’s shinny warrior, whose mission is to spread the sparkles that those “reactors” generate in the smoky room.

In order to more authentically depict the post-modern
atmosphere, two rusty metal, horizontally turning light cubes are
placed in the middle of the ceiling in order to give an everlasting
underground feeling.


Tiziano Mirabella: Design, Build and Light Installation
Alexej Knoche: Electronics
Sonja: Metal Builder
Birgit und Bier Team: Support
Mary Lu: Photos

Special thanks to Robert Kreissel for financing and supporting the project.