FreienWalde House Mapping

FreienWalde House Mapping

What came out of this game was a new type of building, which can be rebuilt in many inventive ways, in which particles can joyfully bounce, and the walls of which can be torn down by the magical powers of a
cosmic flower. 

In collaboration with Open Stage Berlin we undertook the creation of the Berlin-Floor.

In the same sense in which Berlin shakes Germany’s stereotypes, the mapping that represented Berlin in the city of Bad Freienwalde transformed completely the local museum’s typical building.

Challenging the citizens’ vision through 3D animated pictures and creative videos we managed to alter the perceptions.
Colors, textures and shapes are “all in”, giving the opportunity to the people to dream with their eyes open and to travel to different dimensions,
where laws of physics apply differently and are distinctive.

Creativity is the God and anything is possible.


Tiziano Mirabella: Mapping Design
Leon Herzberg: Lights Installation
Open Stage Berlin Crew: Organize, Decoration