Mercato delle Erbe “Dalle origini al futuro prossimo”

Mercato delle Erbe “Dalle origini al futuro prossimo”


Through the collection of photographs, floor plans and historical documents, 3D video drawings and animations have been recreated, through which the suggestion of a historical exploration journey in time and in the architectural space is presented.

The aim is to re-evaluate a space that represents the daily life of the citizens of Aprilia (IT) enhancing its historical importance starting from the laying of the first stone up to its current architectural transformation.

It is a unique and evocative event, so far unpublished for the City of Aprilia, built by the Municipality of Aprilia, Department for Youth Policies, and financed by the Lazio Region in the context of the Interventions for the knowledge, recovery and enhancement of the City of Foundation.


Tiziano Mirabella: Mapping Design and Operator
Alfonso Avvisati : Artist care , and Project Production
Kaos lab srl : techicanl support
Otello Lazzari : architectural and Historical consulting
Photos and building reliefs : Francesco Andrea Mirabella , Luciano Tramannoni
Audio equipment support : Arci La Freccia Ex Mattatoio

Finance and Sponsored by Regione Lazio and Comune di Aprilia