The intention here was to create a deep, dark Techno floor,
which immerses in to the heavy Bass waves.

In the middle of the floor we constructed eight metal tetrahedrons, attached upon an octagon shaped base.

Fully mapped LED pixel stripes light the tetrahedrons from the inside up, aiming to give different forms to them while bursting into a luminous play. Moreover, eight small old metal DDR lamps with vertical LED pixel stripes are placed across each other on the walls in order to continue the game the tetrahedrons have started.

Along with the tetrahedron lights they re-define the room’s structure and through their smooth connection the whole floor dives into the depth of Techno.

This newly formed, eerie atmosphere is however stormy. Ten small moving heads on the ceiling rain their light over the dancing crowd while two RGB lasers in its frond contribute the ferocity to the storm and complete the luminous play.


Tiziano Mirabella: Design, Build and Light Installation
Alexej Knoche: Electronics
Sonja: Metal Builder
Birgit und Bier Team: Support
Mary Lu: Photos

Special thanks to Robert Kreissel for financing and supporting the project.